This covers a whole host of skills. Typically topics covered include:
Use of crampons and ice axe including step kicking and cutting, self arrest and self belay, ascending, descending and traversing slopes.
Safe travel in the winter environment, route choice and avalanche awareness and protocols.
Security on steep ground including use of the rope and axe and snow anchors.
Winter navigation.
Cost £290 per day with a maximum ratio of 1:6.
Equipment can be provided at a cost of: Crampons £10, Axe £5, Boots £10.
Equipment such as ropes, if required, are provided by us.

Mountain skills and training

On a typical guided day there is not much time to pick up skills such as ropework, navigation or avalanche awareness, as the guide is usually taking care of all of that for you.
A tailored day or weekend with an instructor focussing on spending time learning or developing these skills for yourself can open up new opportunities for adventure in the mountains. After a day or two with an instructor people find that they are more confident in their abilities. Allowing you to be able to go away and do things that you might previously not have felt sure of.
Developing these skills is especially useful if you find that you are sometimes in a group and either the one needing to be looked after, or the one who people are looking at to do the looking after, which can feel like a big responsibility! The aim of any of our skills days is to allow you to go away feeling confident to push yourself beyond what you have felt comfortable doing before. To not turn back at the snowline, to take the less well trodden path, climb the ridge instead of going around and to be able to lead others confidently in whatever environment you find yourself.
The ratios to which we work depend on the activity and terrain. For example on a winter mountaineering course the maximum number of people per instructor is 6. For 1:1 instruction the cost would be £290. If there were 6 of you then it is still £290, working out to £48 per person.
Winter mountaineering
Navigation training can include contour interpretation, use of compass including bearings and measurements, micro navigation and use of timing and pacing to measure distance, techniques such as handrailing, boxing, dog legs, back bearings, tick off features, overshoot features, safe and efficient route choice, night navigation and winter techniques including looking at safe navigation in proximity to steep terrain, protecting an edge and locating safe descents in poor visibility or white out conditions whilst leading a group.
Cost £250 per day with a maximum ratio of 1:6.
A typical day can involve looking at route choice and guidebook interpretation. Ropework techniques for climbing in a pair or 3. Use of natural anchors and rock protection, building suitable belays, moving together where appropriate, protecting seconds, suitable belay techniques, safeguarding descents with the use of the rope including abseiling.
Cost £250 per day with a maximum ratio of 1:2 or 1:3.
Equipment such as a harness, helmet and ropes if required are provided by us.
Rock climbing
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There are many different skills involved with learning to be a competent climber and days are tailored to suit depending on previous experience.
If you have never climbed before then initially we would look at progressing you to the stage where you would be competent to second a leader on a single or multi pitch route. Looking at guide book interpretation, the grading system and route choice.
Equipment required, syles of climbing, tying into a rope, belaying, attaching to a belay at a stance, safe descent form the crag or route.
A progression can be made all the way up to competent leader and skills such as placing suitable protection, making belays, safeguarding seconds and problem solving scenarios will be covered.
Cost £250 per day with a maximum ratio of 1:2.
Equipment such as a harness, helmet and ropes etc are provided. You will just need personal clothing for the day.

The BMC (British Mountaineering Council) participation statement:

"The BMC recognises that climbing, hill walking and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement."

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